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A Business headset is a professional photo of you that you might use in various scenarios in your career

Your professional headshot may convey the first impression of you to clients, future coworkers and other people you want in your network. A business headshot should present the individual in a professional and approachable manner, reflecting their personality and personal brand, so choosing an outfit that makes you look like a confident expert in your field is important. 

Understanding how to pick the right clothes for your headshot photo session may help you to create the kind of photo you want to represent you.

When it comes to makeup, a natural, polished look is often preferred, with minimal or subtle makeup used to enhance the subject's features. This may include foundation, concealer, neutral eye shadow, mascara, and natural lip colour. The goal of makeup for a business headshot is to look professional, well-groomed, and approachable, while still looking like yourself.

So if you and your company are looking headshot photographer in Sydney, please don't hesitate to enquire my services.

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