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Anyone can learn how to achieve a professional makeup look and finish by learning the right techniques. A one-on-one lesson with me will give you the tools and product know-how to apply your make-up with confidence daily.

If you want to learn how to apply makeup like a pro, my makeup lessons will give you the guidance and techniques to replicate a professionally applied finish to your makeup every time.

I aim to give you simple and easily achieved results so that you don’t feel like your makeup routine is a chore and you look and feel great.

My makeup training session starts with us chatting about how to best prepare your skin and ensure your makeup lasts all day or night. 

We will look at the colour palettes that best complement your complexion and hair tones.

Then comes the fun - together we practice makeup profiles for a variety of occasions, including:

·      A super quick makeup regime for when you are racing out the door 

·      An ideal daytime makeup design and application for work or everyday 

·      Makeup looks for the special day and evening events

I will teach you how to go from a day look to a night look. This will help you to adapt your daytime makeup to go out later at night without starting all over again. 

Included will be guides and techniques on the latest trends and looks, skincare maintenance, brushes and information on the best makeup products for you.

I ask you to bring along what you have (no matter how little or how much) of your makeup so we can use what you have and add to it if necessary. You will have a personalised makeup kit just for you.

My makeup lessons are simple and achievable for anyone, it’s all about being able to integrate your makeup regime into your everyday lifestyle.

Contact me today for more information on personalised makeup lessons or to book today. 

2 hr of the one-on-one lesson is $250

4 hr personal master class $400

2 hrs group lesson 2-4 persons $150pp


Do you want to know how to apply your makeup? Master your makeup application with professional techniques and product knowledge with me in the studio. With over 11 years of experience in the industry, I tailor to your skill level in a 2-hour hands-on tutorial.

I am a makeup artist based in Sydney but also travel to the client.

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